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NLSA Facilitates the Collaboration of Skills for Life and Ideas that will actually Serve young people in their Futures.

Our Story

The National Life-Skills Academy is your Guide-On-The-Side.
As young people's needs have evolved over the past few years, then so have we in order to offer the lifeskills awareness...

Life-Skill Podcasts

These are just a few of the 100+ life-worthy skills that we raise awareness to:

Safe Driving, Active Listening, Study Skills, The Future of Work and more.

Our Values

Respect. Integrity, Empathy and Excellence


Educational services:

Help Desk: Student Coaching, Parental Advisory, institutional Quality Assurance preparation, and 100+ Life-Skills podcasts.

Contact us

Bahrain: +973 3885 0764
Skype: +44 1865 600 333
WhatsApp: +44 7796 048 874
Bahrain: +44 7858 697 388